Akili ╬▓eta
const Akili = makeItEasy(html + js);

Akili is a component-oriented javascript framework. It includes a system of components, router and functions to make ajax requests.

There is not any magic, just simple but powerful extension over html. You download the framework, include it in your application and that is it.

We tried to unite all the best than other similar frameworks have, but at the same time keep the ease for using.

Akili extends html by synchronizing the component's scope with special expressions with the javascript code in the templates.

The synchronizing occurs through the use of the proxy mechanism. When you change a variable in a component, the corresponding section of the code is automatically updated too. This allows you to be sure that the template will always contain the actual information.

Akili is a light weight framework, less then 100kb without compressing, which you can use without javascript compilation to es6 in any modern browser with es5+ and html5 supporting.

So testing of your application is also easy. It's just javascript, you can use any libraries for testing what you want. The framework is written in such a way that you can access any component during the testing.


hello.html hello.js
todo.html todo.js
maths.html maths.js